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Installation macOS Sierra MSI X99A Gaming 7

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Installation macOS Sierra MSI X99A Gaming 7

Hi all, I wanted to know how to install macOS on my pc, since I can not get it to boot the installation, I created the booteable usb following the instructions on the web, but there is no way to boot the installer, I get the screen Black and does nothing. Say I've tried all kinds of bootflags. My pc is:

- Motherboard MSI X99A Gaming 7

- Intel Core i7 5820K CPU

- 32GB RAM GSkill Ripjaws

- SSD Samsung 950 PRO M.2 256GB

- SSD Samsung 850 EVO 500GB

- MSI GPU Nvidia GTX 1070

Please, I need someone to help me, I've been trying to install macOS on my pc for weeks and I can not do it. Thank you all.

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I hate to say this Because you spent a lot of money on the Nvidia GTX 1070,The AMD cards are better

for Hackintosh I purchased two different Nvids and got black screens but went with a cheaper GFX 560 and no black screen just works out the gate. If its not too late return and trade up.

The Nvidia cards are great when they work but many of them don't work.

Go with AMD don''t believe the hype about pascal 1000X series they are buggy as crap.

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