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VMware Unlocker to Run Mac OS X Guests in Windows 7/8/8.1

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To be a Hackintosh user in desktop virtualization software VMware is must For making USB installer,Restoring images and so on then the “VMware unlocker” is a compulsory utility to run Mac OS X guests. This unlocker utility over right  few VMware program files to be able to install and run latest 10.7,10.8 and 10.9 Lion OS X guests. 

Here is the download links 


How to unlocker VMware workstation ?

I have updated the screenshots for latest 1.2.0 Unlocker I can confirm that latest 1.2.0 unlocker works well with VMware workstation 9 on Windows 10

Its very simple to Unlock/Patch. Close all VMware programs (if opened)

Extract the downloaded file. The latest Unlocker is having patch for Windows, Linux, Fusion 4.0 on Snow Leopard and Lion and VMware ESXi 5.

Before run the patch, its recommended to take a backup of VMware program folder, because this patch will replace the original files. Right click on install.cmd file and select run as administrator option as shown below. ( or you can start the command prompt as administrator in Windows 7/8/8.1 computer and execute install.cmd from command prompt)


The successful patch will return the following screen (and disappears automatically)

That’s it. You patched the VMware workstation 10, 9, in Windows 7/8/8.1 host to run Mac OS X 10.5 and higher guest. Restarting the host computer is not required here.




Following screenshot are just a example


Before Unlocking/Patching VMWARE WORKSTATION 



After applying patch with VMware unlocker – One more Guest OS type and versions.




Note:-By using this VMware patch you can install any MAC distro like iAtkos , Niresh12495 in VMware 

          workstation but source file should be in iso format else won't works 




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Guest InfamousSynergy

just to point out, I have no clue what it does but I did notice when installing, when you select your installation drive then hit customize, there is a kext for VMware support.

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Guest InfamousSynergy

Also, have you tried finding a pre built machine online?

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Windows 7 64bit, VMware 10.0.1 build-1379776, OS X 10.9.0 & Unlocker 1.2 or 1.3
I had this working nicely for a while with no problems.. all VM's worked- Linux, OSx, etc..
Now when starting any VM inside VMWare I get pop up error;
The following error occurred when starting VMware Workstation. 
W32AuthConnectionLaunch: WriteFile filed (code 6).
This is caused by Unlocker Ver 1.2 or ver 1.3
Specificly vmware-vmx.exe file that the unlocker modifies.
I have uninstalled and deleted all folders in Vmware and reinstalled. Everything works except OSX - Just get the spinning boot symbol
. Then run Unlocker (install script) as a Admin in safemode. Restart system and VMware or VMPlayer get the top error message again.
When replacing it with original vmware-vmx.exe (before) running unlocker, it works again.
Anyone else having problems?

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