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MacOS on HP 15-ay198nr

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MacOS on HP 15-ay198nr

I have a  HP 15-ay198nr, it has an Intel i7 7th generation processor, 8 GB of RAM, Intel HD graphics, and a SSD in it. 



Here are the FULL specs for my laptop. Is it compatible? Does any of these specs put out a huge red flag?


    Intel Core i7 @ 2.70GHz Kaby Lake-U/Y 14nm Technology
    8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1064MHz (15-15-15-35)
    HP 81ED (U3E1)    28 °C
    Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768@60Hz)
    Intel HD Graphics 620 (HP)
    238GB SanDisk SD8SNAT-256G-1006 (SSD)
Optical Drives
    Realtek High Definition Audio


 Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi Adapter


I tried installing it once via multibeast, I could get the installer to open, but then nothing would happen when I would try and install it. It would go to the loading screen, but no further. Maybe I should try using the hackintosh zone files instead?



Thanks in advance.

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