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<FIXED>Amd a10 Bootloader issues...

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First of all, Hey!

Second: There's gonna be people that are gonna say that you can't do it with an apu, this however, is not the case for this specific one, because i've booted into the installer with other distro's, it's just that i don't seem to be able to do it with this distro, but i might be dumb by forgetting flags...

But to get right to my problem, i cannot seem to boot from the bootloader, it does load the bootloader, but when i type some boot flags and choose to boot, my screen goes completely dark after like 5 seconds, and with some bootflags even completely reboot.

Here's some specs, does anybody know which ones to use, i'm positive it's possible:

CPU: AMD A10-4600M(yes....one of the hated apu's...)

GPU:Radeon HD7660G + Radeon HD7670M 2GB

Mem: 8gb ddr3 idk, don't think it really matters...right?

Chipset: amd a70m fusion.

Booting up from the niresh .dmg which i written onto the usb with win32diskimager..

Thx in advance

(if i need to supply any logs, can you tell me how plz ;P)

For anybody who wants to know how i fixed it, just do GraphicsEnabler=No

For some reason other distros dont require it but niresh's does

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@TehZear how did you get this to boot? i have the same specs except i have a radeon 8760M and I used GraphicsEnabler and amd64 and hp(i have a hp laptop) and it just instantly reboots :(



EDIT: nvm I got the installer to boot nice to see it work on amd apu's fingers crossed that the installed OS boots as good as the installer

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