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Hackintosh Instalation via PXE

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Hackintosh Instalation via PXE

Hi !

I was wondering how if we able to install hackintosh using PXE / LAN, I think it will be great since there's a lot of advantage from the PXE itself...
Since Mac is Linux-Based OS, I think it's able to install from PXE as same as Linux such as Ubuntu that has been able to do so, since previously.

What do you guys think about it ?

P.S : Sorry for Bad English, It's not my native language.. XD

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First: Mac is not Linux, but FreeBSD based. FreeBSD != Linux, they just both belong to the Unix family.

It is possible to install FreeBSD over PXE and I've read about cases where they installed macOS through netboot, but these articles are pretty old. If it still is possible, however, I doubt that it will work with hackintoshes as well.

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