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[Asus TP300] Need help with bootloader & multibeats (DSDT maybe needed)

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Hi, I'm new in hackintosh world, I tried to make a unibeats USB from VM last year but gave up after too many problems/errors...

But I really need OS X, so I tried again with an easier way : Niresh' Yosemite Zone (usb from win' w/ transmac) :

with this tuto (macbreaker) )

I will post screenshots of error screens/crash in the day, I'm going to reinstall from scratch.


- I had to enable CSM in my UEFI "bios" to make the USB key appear. // DIsabled secure boot, vt-d, and all the other options I found, that I had to change.

- I had to enter "/haswell -v" to access the Installer, because it was just restarting the computer each time I tried to access it.

- After installation, I had to enter those boot flags to boot : "USBBusFix=Yes USBLegacyOff=Yes EHCIacquire=Yes UHCIreset=Yes dart=0 nv_disable=1 -no-zp -f -v". Without them, I had randomly but very frequently crash, especially at boot, but also after, few times no crash...


Real problems :

- I need the installer usb (chameleon bootloader) to boot, when I remove it then it just load my UEFI, and I can't find any bootloader in my boot options. I found a clover bootloader in my Extra folder, I also was able to acces it using refind usb key, but not able to boot with the same boot flags (again a crash with text on blackscreen/mixed with the screen images from before the crash..)

- I tried DSDTfree & then Easybeats option, from multibeats but when rebooting it won't start, black screen with errors (I'm going to add screenshots to the post in the day, I'm reinstalling again because of this problem and will take the pictures by the way). So not booting with the same boot flags and without, after multibeats installation.


Infos :

- My PC : Asus TP300LA-DW099H

- Intel I3 4010u DualCore 1.7GHz

- 4GB Ram

- Haswell HD 4400 (1920*1080)

- Motherboard: "60NB05Y0"

- Audio: Sonic MasterLite, ALC282 (3229) // BTW I can't find it in multibeats, it's normal ? I don't have sound.

- Bios: UEFI Aptio Setup Utility - American Megatrends version 202. VBios: 2180.I15TP30.002

- I don't have Ethernet port, and no smartphone to share my wifi with a wire, I'll buy a compatible USB Wifi adapter soon. So this pc don't access to internet for the moment.

////// Tell me of course if you need any info.


So, do you have ideas to fix my problems please ? Thanks in advance, have a good day. Screenshots coming soon

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