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Install Kext? YZ installs fine, but graphics are way messed up

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Install Kext? YZ installs fine, but graphics are way messed up

I have a Samsung AIO computer.  i3, 8GB RAM, internal hard drive Intel HD Graphics.

The software installed fine.  When I reboot, it boots just fine, but about the time it would start to prompt for login information it either:

a) Most of the time, the Graphics go nuts and are just a bunch of lines on the screen.

b ) Sometimes, it will load all the way to black screen with the cursor in the upper left hand corner, and nothing else.

I am sure I need to either install a graphics Kext or uninstall one that got installed by default, but I have no idea what is next?

Multibeast? UniBeast? Terminal copy the correct kext over?

Help, anyone?

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