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bootloaders and OSX version upgrades

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bootloaders and OSX version upgrades

Let us see if I understand this correctly. I understand the general purpose of a bootloader is to be recognized by the BIOS and then to initiate the OS. The bootloader has to be therefore specific for the OS.

What we are doing when be build a Hackintosh is to create some sort of bridge bootloader or is it a complete stealth interceptor that replaces the OS’s native bootloader?

I ask this because when I first created a Snow Leopard Hackintosh, I could download and install the updates like normal but when I install the version upgrades Lion and Mountain Lion, I cannot do it from within the OS like a real Mac. I think this is because of the hand-off between the bootloader and the OS and the fact that Apple likes to reboot and do the entire upgrade from a fresh boot prior to entering the OS and is probably unable to enter into its perceived bootloader (unlike a Windows machine that starts the install from within Windows and then reboots and installs the remainder that it cannot do from within Windows).

So does this mean that for the foreseeable life of my Hackintosh each version upgrade will by necessity be a clean install?

I did at one time install Snow Leopard merely by using the Mod CD and switching discs but then the Apple Store would not recognize me as a Mac and I could not even download my already paid for Mountain Lion. So for me it was never a viable install, as many times as I tried to tweak it after the install and re-installs. I could never straighten that out.

So I ended up at various times trying several different ways of installing the Mac OS - the TonyMac way, some other one that I forget (it was my first attempt and was a Clover bootloader and then one with a Chameleon, even a Chimera variant). Each time re-installing and tweaking to get the best I could. My current install is an iATKOS Lion (I had previously tried their Snow Leopard). I haven’t tried to ferret out the sound issue but at least it lets me install my driver from Nvidia and install it and all the rest of the hardware seems to be cool; and it lets me download my purchases from the Apple Store.

But to be a truly viable OS for me, I have to be able to do an OS version upgrade and not a clean install and all of that re-tweaking and re-importing of my stuff. So, do I ascertain the situation correctly? And is my goal unattainable?

I would like to thank all of the efforts of all of the OS86 communities and their install kits, advice and tools. It is a truly fantastic world. Coming of age in the 1960s, I value my personal space and privacy and so I need something to replace Windows as the Win 10 evil intentions are filtering into my beloved Win 7 build and so I am so cautious with updates that I am probably letting my computer become vulnerable. This foray into the Hackintosh world was my way of evaluating the Mac OS – trying to gain an understanding by using and following the evolution of the OS. I love the pursuit of understanding this OS and its inspiration the Mac OS.



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