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Yosemite on Toshiba C55 Sleep Mode and Battery Monitor

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Yosemite on Toshiba C55 Sleep Mode and Battery Monitor

Toshiba C55-A5195 Laptop, i3-3110M, HM76 "Ivy Bridge" Express Chipset, Intel 4000 graphics, 6gb, 1tb.

After a couple of tries I have been able to get Yosemite Zone installed on this machine.

I will create a write up on the steps I took for get it working fairly well, and the Half-Mini PCI-E WiFi card that I installed, once I am able to sort out the last few issues.

Here is a list of issues that I still have and hope someone can help me solve:
1) Don't care about this, but the two USB 2.0 ports do not work.  The one USB 3.0 port does work and is all I need.
2) Sleep mode does not seem to work when I close the lid (system stays on)
3) The machine will go to sleep if selected, but when woken up the mouse does not work. This is my biggest concern.
4) Unable to adjust sleep times in System Preferences - Energy Saver when Battery tab is selected . 
5) Unable to check "Show battery status in menu bar" in System Preferences - Energy Saver - Battery (tab).
6) Battery status is not working and the only way to know the battery is exhausted is to have the system shut down without notice when the battery it is out of juice.

While typing this I thought perhaps the system has the wrong machine type.
Originally, after installing the Yosemite Zone DVD, "About this Mac" reported that the machine was an "iMac (Summer 2001)".
Using the Cameleon Wizard I created a SMBios.plist file and placed it in the /Extra folder along with the org.cameleon.Boot.plist file.
I selected MacBook Pro 9,2 for i5/i7 Ivy Bridge.  It had another Ivy Bridge option 9,1 but it was for an i7 only and so I thought that was a bad choice as the i7, unlike the i5 and i3, has no on chip video.
Tried 9,2, and 9,1, and even the 8,2 (Sandy Bridge) options but no joy, the system still will not sleep consistently or wake up with a working touchpad if it does.
Left it with 9,2 as that is the closet configuration and it About This Mac now reads "MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)".

My biggest concern is getting the mouse to work upon wake up from sleep mode.  The rest I can live with, but having to hard reboot after waking up from sleep to make the mouse work is a major pain.

Thank you for any suggestions or insight you may have on how to fix these problems.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.
As you suggested, I added the USBBusFix=Yes to the org.chameleon.Boot.plist file.
Now the two USB 2.0 ports work but the single USB 3.0 is dead, and when i select Apple-Sleep the system appears to black the screen, write to disk, goes to sleep, and then wake up with the screen back... tapping a key wakes it up and the mouse is frozen (trackpad not working) so i hold the power button to bring up the restart menu and press enter).  And it still does not permit me to check the Show Batter Status In Menu bar (click it and a check appears, the battery indicator appears in the menu bar, and then the battery indicator vanishes and the check box becomes unchecked).
Not sleeping is less than ideal but even without it this is a pretty nice machine.  
Of course any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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Well it has been a while with no replies so I am giving up on this.

Will try reloading with something other than Hackingtosh.zone.  Not having sleep function or working battery indicator is a pretty fundamental feature.  Won't bother to post my notes in installing Hackingtosh.zone/Yosemite on a Toshiba C55 as they would only result in the same frustrations as I have experienced with this model laptop and I would suggest using something else instead.

Thanks to all that took the time to read this.

Best of luck with your Hackintosh.

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