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Need help with installing Yosemite on ASUS X751MJ-TY006H

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Need help with installing Yosemite on ASUS X751MJ-TY006H

Hey everyone :)

So I've tried to install OSX El Capitan on this laptop first but did not succeed because the i don't know anyone who owns Mac and couldn't get the VM to work so i've tried installing Yosemite instead.

The problem is i couldn't get the usb to boot. My UEFI doesnt see it as bootable when using Yosemite Zone and TransMac. I switched to BIOS then and same thing happens. So i've created a separate stick with Clover using BDUtility and it finally booted! The problem is that when i select the drive with Yosemite on it i just get "Root device UUID is xxxx" and it just hangs. I've also tried using different methods, arguments, files but could not get it to work.

I would appreciate any kind of help :)


CPU Intel® Bay Trail-M Quad Core Pentium N3530 processor @2.16GHz
GPU NVIDIA GeForce 920M 1GB and Intel HD Graphics

Thanks for your help and also sorry for my english but i'm not from an english speaking country :)

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