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Cannot install Niresh Mavericks on my Dell Inspiron 3451

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Cannot install Niresh Mavericks on my Dell Inspiron 3451

Hello everyone :)i

Yesterday i decided i wanted to hackintosh my laptop, i'm still new to this.

My laptop specs:
Dell Inspiron 3451
Intel Pentium n3540 2.16 up to 2.66 quad core(ultra low voltge) Bay trail..
4gb ddr3 Ram
Intel HD (i think it stands for ivy bridge graphics)
I downloaded niresh mavericks DMG, i used transmac to restore my usb (win32diskimager too)
Problem is when i want to boot my computer from my usb stick, my motherboard laptop doesn't have many things to change, but i made sure it's on ahci mode, secure boot is disabled, tried uefi and legacy but nothing worked
What happens is my laptop starts, i press f12 to choose usb stick (sometimes i just configure bios to start from usb stick), and it seems to appear something in screen, like two lines with two words, but it lasts for like 1/3 of a second and it suddenly reboots.
I tried every configuration on Bios and nothing.
I downloaded a patch kernel i found that is supposed to work on baytrail, i copied to my usb's image (with mavericks) with transmac and didn't work :(

I know i have not much knowledge about this but i don't want to belive a wont be able to hackintosh my laptop.
Is there something i'm doing wrong? I Heard from a guy i needed clover bootloader
Maybe another os x distro, i don't care (I would prefer Mavericks but whatever)

Hope someone knows if there's a solution
Thanks in advance :D


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