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Need help to get my dual boot running

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Need help to get my dual boot running

Hey and hello everybody!
After one week of reading about hackintosh, installing and troubleshooting, this is my cry for help:lol:

My system

MSI MS-7849 Motherboard
Toshiba 24GB SSD
Seagate Barracuda HDD, 1TB
Intel Core i7-4770K 
AMD Radeon R9 290

My plan

I am planning to install El capitan on one partition on the HDD, and later installing Windows on the SSD, if possible.

What I did/achieved so far

I successfully created the USB-Stick with the El Capitan installer via Unibeast. Added MultiBeast to the stick. I chose Legacy Mode, as my PC is running with BIOS. Did not choose to Inject ATI.
Disconnected everything from my computer except for one of the two displays, mouse and keyboard. Even unplugged the graphics board.
In my BIOS, i chose the AHCI mode, and set "BOOT OS" to "other". I wanted to turn Safe Boot Mode off but the SB option vanished after setting BOOT OS to other. BIOS is by American Megatrends.
I then went on to install Mac OS X on a newly created partition on the HDD after completely erasing both the SSD and the HDD. This was also successful.
After the first start, i copied MultiBeast to the desktop and chose the following:
- "Quick start": Clover Legacy Mode
- Audio driver: Voodoo (because i could not find out which codec my mainboard uses)
- Network driver: Realtek (still not 100% certain if this was the right choice)
The installation was completed successfully, so i went to shut down the PC. I then unplugged the USB and turned the PC on. Sadly, this is the point where luck left me. I was not able to start Mac OS again, i then thought "maybe the boot priority is faulty", so i restarted and pressed F8, the Menu gave me two options: The normal boot loader, and "generic card 1.00". I assume "generic card" may be the Clover BL, but anyway- both won't start. 
I then plugged in the USB drive, chose "USB" in the boot menu, clover appeared, i chose "Start Mac OS from HDD", the apple appeared, but then there was a long text for a very short time and the PC restarted (kernel panic?)

So, now i don't know what to do anymore. Maybe someone can help me? Thanks in advance, 

Eric, the ultimate hackintosh-newbie.

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