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No WiFi on Toshiba Satellite L750-18R

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No WiFi on Toshiba Satellite L750-18R

A few hours ago, I successfully installed Mac OSX from Yosemite-Zone.dmg onto my new/refurbished Toshiba Satellite L750-18R laptop, which I only got three days before. I don't know about all the hardware in this laptop, but I bought it to replace a Toshiba Satellite C660D which was stolen by a schizophrenic madman. I decided to get another Toshiba laptop with the same look and feel, but which was more powerful and had an Intel CPU, because I'd read a lot about it being compulsory to have an Intel CPU to run Mac OSX. The specs which I know about for this laptop are Intel Core i5 CPU, Insyde2.0 BIOS, 4Gb RAM, and 500Gb hard drive, but there are some more details on http://icecat.us/us/p/toshiba/psk1we-0c700npl/laptops-L750-18R-12477574.html

During and after installation, there was no sign of any option to connect to the Internet by WiFi, so I assumed this meant my built in WiFi adapter wasn't compatible.  Luckily, I also had a USB WiFi stick which was made for the Raspbercry Pi computer, but claims to be compatible with Mac OSX as well. Unfortunately, I didn't know which one of three drivers for OSX I was supposed to install for it. I installed the one with the lowest version number, but this didn't work. Unfortunately, since then my Hackintosh has completely refused to detect the DVD in its drive, in spite of me cleaning the DVD and drying it with kitchen paper. I hoped I might be able to transfer the relevant Mac files via USB stick, but it doesn't seem to detect the USB sticks either!Before installing OSX onto this laptop, it was detecting DVDs, and USB sticks, as well as the WiFi working. 

I'm not sure what to do next. I hope someone can suggest something.

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