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Random Kernal Panic (Memory Leak)

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Random Kernal Panic (Memory Leak)

I will be using my hackintosh just like usual checking emails maybe load some hearthstone or maybe some Elder Scrolls then suddenly my computer will freeze and black text will appear across the screen the only words that i under stand is "Memory Leak" but this happens at random i could go a few days no issues then suddenly it will occur the configuration of ram i got going on are 2 Kingston ddr2 800 Mhz and 2 Nvidia 800 Mhz ddr 2 ram, 4 sticks of ram adding up to 8 gb of ram (2 Gb sticks each) I've ran this configuration for years in the same mobo just with windows and its worked fine ( I turned my old Core 2 Quad gaming computer into a mackintosh) other details about the computer are its a Asus p5w dh Deluxe mobo and a Core 2 Quad Q8300 Cpu and the video is a Nvidia Gt 8800 not a bad lil rig. I just want some input of what you guys maybe think is going on here last time it happened was when the app store did a auto search for updates so that was the last trigger it hasn't happened for a couple days now and i don't know how to trigger it, just seems to happen randomly and never in game but i think I'm just lucky it hasn't happen while gaming 


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