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Yosemie Zone 10.10.1 loading darwinx86_64 bootloop

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Yosemie Zone 10.10.1 loading darwinx86_64 bootloop

First of all, I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes, but English is not my native tongue and I am writing this in a hurry. I'm in need of help. I will be very grateful if somebody helps me through resolving this problem.

First of all here is my rig:(Its very outdated - theoretically I should not have any problems...)

  • MB: Asrock P45XE
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (Overclocked if it matters ?!)
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTS250 1GB Dark Knight Edition DDR3
  • HDD:Hitachi 500gb 7200rpm
  • Ram: Some Kingston 2x2gb ddr2 I forgot running clock speed
  • Bios: American Megatrends flashed to 1.70ver. for my mobo.


I don't think I messed something in the BIOS, checked 4 times. I turned every AHCI settings on + some kind of ACPI HPET Table [On]

When I use the -v boot flag it loads without problems to a point where it just says: Loading Darwin x86_64 and it lists the boot arguments:root-dmg=file:///BaseSystem.dmg  kext-dev-mode=1 -force64 ahcidisk=1 debug=8 darkwake=0 dmar=0 -v. I needed to record a video and then slow motion it in order to see what was happening because, after this final line in the verbose it just reboots without any errors whatsoever. Before that it was loading some VoodooPS2mous.kexts without any errors. I looked for people who ran a similar configuration as mine pc and pretty much I should not have any problems I guess not... I think it is a very simple problem that is holding it down to boot but I can't seem a way to make it do so. I used many combinations of boot flags, but none of them helped. If anyone has any suggestions I will be very grateful if they share them with me! Thanks!

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I actually fixed it 20 mins after posting this thread :D. It was a setting in the BIOS, I had to disable "Intelligent Energy Saver" and "Flexibility option".

If anybody with a similar configuration is wondering, everything works out of the box-Audio, ethernet, graphics, sleep, reboot, turn on. There is a problem with shutting down the machine saying it cannot unmount /home partition although the computer fully shuts down my RGB keyboard stays lit even though the machine is in powered off state. It can be fixed with Clover's ShutdownFix, but I cannot seem to boot correctly with Clover and I don't have the time to find what is causing it to go in a boot loop. Chimera works perfectly though, never had a problem. 

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