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need for help mavericks installation 10.9

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hi i ask you for help about installing mac os x mavericks and the others ;knowing that i am a very experienced user by exelence in the Windows system,unlike mac os x.therefore all steps are very clear to me about installing mac os but booting on mac os x's usb installation nothing happens (black screen and dash flashes) .i read that you need to type the command prompt in the terminal as : -v ; GraphicEnabler=yes or No,etc.............

but i do not know how do this and when and where ...what key i press to invite this terminal is what I type the commands in the black screen without seeing


cpu intel core i3 2100 sandybridge

ram 4 gb

hdd: Samsung 500gb

motherboard gigabyte h61m-s2pv rev2.0 uefi bios but bios updated to FH (last bios version 03/2013) with intel HD 2000

gpu nvidea GeForce gt430 4bg transfer bus 128mb/s

please help me



sorry for my English because i'm an algerian


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dit moi dés le début je te parle en francais hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh merci donc la je tappe -v ou etc ensuite F12 et booter sur flash disc usb

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