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Hi people,  After 8 days, 3 sleepless nights umpteen disks and around 200gb of bandwidth used, Ive reached the end of my tether, i am here to ask for help.

Generally as a rule, i read around different places and guides and try to figure stuff out myself, practice makes perfect right, or so i thought, ive tried allsorts in the past from Pheonix to Unbuntu and even android, all installed and ran smoothly, but this!!!, this beastly annoying software called OSX has beaten me, Now on a personal level, i cant stand Bill Gates, but the dude who wrote OSX, id love to decode every last Byte and force feed it to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i mean, how the heck can something like this be so hard to Install, (for me at least), or maybe im just too thick to understand it.

So people i implore you, can someone please advise me of the best build, Retail or Hack to install, and how.

I have failed to find a single guide on the internet thats noob proof, simple ,  Most guides involve needing a mac to start with, now for someone  that doesnt own a mac, thats of no use to me whatsoever.

Ive tried Retail installs with boot cds. Distros, and i think ive tried them all, Iatkos, Niresh, Leo4all, Ipc, Hazard etc etc etc, and still, im stuck.

The closest i got to success was Niresh Mav, it all installed fine and everything, but whenever i reboot it wont start so i have to boot it with a boot cd, (WHICH I CANT FIND ANYWHERE FOR MAV, they all seem to be 10.5, .6, .7, .8 etc etc) so when i finally get a disc to boot Mav, suprise suprise, Kernel panic.......

So yes, i am stuck, lost, no clue at all where i go from here, clearley it must be something selected in the stock chosen settings when installing and yes, ive tried altering it, tried all flags i can think of, and still im no nearer than i was 8 days ago,

My Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L505=144.,   6GB DDR3,  500GB Hdd,   Ati Radeon Mobility on board, Intel I5 Cpu.

From what ive read my hardware should be more than capable of running OSX, but how, i do no know, and i had no idea where to post this plea for help, so i posted it here, i duplicated the post and put it up on another well known OSX forum, site, and well, thay just booted me and banned my account for mentioning the word Didtro lmao, welll, whatever, few things to say about the site anyway, but thats another story.

I love this site, its honest, informative, and provides lots of Dls, im very impressed, please, before my hair goes completely Grey, someone advise what i should be doing.

Thanks, Graeme.

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