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Niresh's Yosemite AMD A10 6800k APU AND GTX950 installation guide.

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Niresh's Yosemite AMD A10 6800k APU AND GTX950 installation guide.

My Hackintosh :

AMD A10 6800k APU

ASRock FM2A580-VG3+ R2.0 Motherboard

Kingston 128GB SSD

Kingston 8GB RAM DDR3

EVGA GTX950 SC Video Card

UEFI Settings:

Core C6 Mode disable
SVM Disabled
Disable APU Graphics

Installation :

1 - Boot the first time using /amd1 npci=0x3000

2 - Disck utility create a Mac OS Journaled partition called OSX.

3 - Back to install, choose to continue, agree and customize.

4 - Go to Bootloader Flags>Chameleon configuration>SMBIOS> and choose Mac Pro 5.1.

5 - Accept and install.

First time boot Yosemite in command line only mode:

1 - boot your OSX partition using the flags npci=0x3000 -s

2 - inside Bash type fsck -fy (enter) mount -uw / (enter) grafix backup all (enter) reboot (enter).

3 - now boot using the flags npci=0x3000 -x -v

Inside Yosemite:

1 - Wait for automatic hackintosh configuration ends (arround 5 min) and when ends go to reboot and uncheck “reopen windows when loggin back in”.

2 - type npci=0x3000 and boot.

3 - Open Muiltibeast for Yosemite and install chimera 4.1.0, if you want choose a theme.

4 - open chameleon wizard and check use nvidia rom, npci=0x3000, dart=0 and nvda_drv=1, click on save and choose to install with the update more boot loader files box checked.

5 - install nvidia web driver and reboot.

6 - again boot using -s flag and backup the drivers, inside Bash type fsck -fy (enter) mount -uw / (enter) grafix backup all (enter) reboot (enter).

7 - now boot Yosemite and go to nvidia driver manager and click on check for updates, install update and reboot.

8 - now in nvidia icon on task bar choose nvidia web driver and restart for the last time.

Now you have a Hackintosh with AMD processor recognized as Xeon and a GTX950 with full acceleration QE/CI.

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