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5.1 audio

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Hii , 

i have installed maverick on my pc and its working fine except one thing that i want to use my 5.1 speakers with it.  i tried to use Audio MIDI setup but it is showing only 2 rear ports ( Line-Out and Line-In ) not showing 3rd port..

My FR , FL and RR RL are working but Sub and centre is not working.. 

how to fix..


all cables are connected and it is working on windows 7 

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Intel DG41WV

Cpu Processor:

Core 2 Duo , 2.93 GHz , Model: E7500

Memory (RAM):



ATI Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR5 (Powercolor)


500 GB Hitachi Sata

Mac os x Version:

Os X 10.9 (Niresh)

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One question the surround doesnt work on a application like Logic or any other Audio or music application?Or final cut ?Or you mean it doesnt work when you click play a Mp3 or wav file.I ask you that because sometimes music application you need to set the output for it to work.But if you play a mp3 song or play a youtube video and dont get surround sound then YesThere is an issue to fix.Bytheway have check the setting in System settings? To check if output are set correct and everything

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