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I don't know how to install Hackintosh on my laptop

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Hey there.

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite C50-B-13N. I just don't know how to install hackintosh, I tried installing Niresh Mavericks on VirtualBox and i could do it, but I don't know in the laptop itself. 

Everything I read anywhere tells that it has to boot with boot flags (-v -x) etc. But nobody tells how to do the boot flags, where I have to put them? In the commands of grub? In the laptop itself? 

The problem is that the Bios of thosiba is a shit, it doesn't has anything that I see in the instrucctions of Niresh, well, it does have VT-X.

I had the computer with UEFI, at this moment I am reinstalling Windows 10 with CSM, because I hope that with CSM I will be able to install Hackintosh.

I want help, because I want to know where I have to go to put the boot flags. Or some Hackintosh that is special to be on my Toshiba, it has Intel, no problem with that. 

I'm used to have Windows and Ubuntu, so, It can have two operative systems, I wanted Hackintosh too, I am interested in the last version, in El Capitan. 

Do you think that it will work the method of Unibeat and Multibeast, I have some friends with a Mac of Apple, maybe they can try to prepare me a USB.

I don't know what to do, because that I came here to the forum, searching help from hackers.

Thank you.

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