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I am completely new to running Mac OS as a virtual machine.  Please bear with my ignorance.  I am desperately in need of help.  

I am running Yosemite within Virtual Box.  I have two external USB hard drives formatted as Mac OS Journaled.  One is a very old (>5 years) Iomega and the other is a newer (3-5 years?) Western Digital My Passport.  I also have a USB thumb drive that it probably >5 years old.  This is formatted as FAT32.  None of them will mount in Yosemite.  The FAT32 will mount in Windows 7, which is the host OS.  The other two are seen by Windows, but won't mount.  This is what I expected for Mac formatted drives. 

In Virtual Box, if I click Devices --> USB, I can see the drives listed and select them.  However, no matter where I look, Yosemite isn't seeing the disks.  I've checked disk utility, used the terminal to do the same (diskutil list), and checked apple --> about this mac --> system report --> hardware --> USB.  I tried running Kext Utility.  All that did is give me a disk image of a DVD saying "vboxaddition s_5."

Of note, the keyboard and mouse are both USB and they work.  

Please help!  

Thank you!

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