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Hackintosh Toshiba Satellite T230-132

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Hi Guys,


Trying to install Yosemite 10.10 onto Toshiba satellite T230-132.

Does anyone succeed in ?

I am using Niresh distrib? Booted on iso cd-rom for installation, then rebooted using -v -x flag to enter finally in VESA mode.

My graphic card is an intel HD first Generation which should be able (after testing) to get HD acceleration.

Can someone explain to me how to get such acceleration and provide me the procedure and kext used.

I tried https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286092-guide-1st-generation-intel-hd-graphics-qeci/ tuto but i can't find the right framebuffer kext.

Any installed fails my installation.

Please help


Secondly, i a using Chameleon standard to boot with no flags (intel, ati and nvida kext are backup)

I try to fix Icloud and iMessage.

As my internal Wifi card has no kext, i am using a wifi dongle to connect the internet; Can I fix Icloud, Imessage with the wifi key ?

I read it sould be easier using Clover but there I need your help again.


Many Thanks to those who could help me to go through  this issues.

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