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Cloned Yosemite Install will not boot

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So I have installed Yosemite on my laptop using Niresh. I don't think it matters what the hardware is since I have same issue on multiple PCs and Laptops.

So every time I try to do upgrade to 10.10.5 from AppStore, my machine is unbootable and I have to start over (unless someone can tell me how to fix).

So I decided, I will clone my hard drive. I used Macrium Reflect to do a sector by sector copy of my Hard drive. However when I put the Cloned Hard Drive in my machine and boot, all I get is a blinking cursor. Now if I booted using Niresh and THEN selected the cloned Hard Drive it will boot just fine. So I'm thinking something didn't get cloned right, but don't understand why since I did a sector by sector copy.

Need to know how else I can clone my drive so it boots.

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