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Post install El Capitan

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Hi all of you, I'm writting these lines from my hackintosh on EL Capitan !

That's amazing :party: ! In this topic, I'll give you my config, I will explain how I installed it, and I will ask you some questions :wink:

I) That's my computer :

- Asus R510J

- Intel Core i5-4200H, 2.8GHz

- Memory : 6GB


- Wifi : Realtek : RTL8821AE802,11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter (8821)

II) That's how I build my hackintosh :

I haven't got any real Mac so I installed Yosemite Zone (width this tutorial) :

To install I used these flags : /haswell -x cpus=1 nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=No

And for my first boot I used this flag : -s

And write these commands : 

          fsck -fy

          mount -uw /

          grafix backn up all


Then to boot I used this flag : cpus=1 nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=No

And that's done, I had Yosemite on my computer. Now i had to install El Capitan. So I used this tutorial.

To install I used this flag : InjectIntel=true cpus=1 nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=No -x

And for boot I used nv_disable=1

And "TSADAAAAAM" !!! You have an El Capitan Hackintosh in your computer :rock:

III) My questions :

1) I can't write the arobase symbol (@ I have to copy past from the net ...). I'm using the French PC keyboard language (cause i'm french :dull:). How can I do it ? I also can't make Ctrl+v or Ctrl+c or any other Ctrl touch :angry: Do you know how i can do that ?)

2) I can't connect to any wifi, do you know how I can install wifi driver (look at my config) to make the magic happen ? SEMI-SOLVED : Because i've got an Android, I used this tutorial to use my phone to USB tether (And my phone is connected to the wifi).

3) Is it me or my battery down faster than when I'm on my Windows ?

4) How can I have the percentage of my battery (cause I'm on a laptop) in my top bar ? I wen to the system preference and allow it but it's allways say me I have 0% ... :headbang:

5) Look at my Graphic Card ! I'm happy !!! I have a Graphic card that isn't supported by Mac ... I searched everywhere and I can't find any drivers ... I heard about install drivers of an other nvidia card and force my graphic card to work with it. After that I have to allways put my Graphics Card's fan at 100% to protect it. Do you know anything about it ? Or have you got any solutions ? I can't have a good resolution :sweating:. And I can't play etc ... My browser will make me epileptic so ... I need help :angel:

6) I have sound with Skype and system, but haven't got with Google Chrome, Safari And Itunes (on youtube for exemple for browser) ... I installed the last VoodooHDA. Can you help me ? :blush: SOLVED : I just go to system settings, sound and change my default output soud !!


Thanks for all and for all developpers who worked on Hackintosh, that's beautifull !

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For the wifi, you could try the Intel DW 1510 half-mini wifi. Not sure what kind of card you have in your asus, but in my dell laptop this worked without me having to do anything on yosemite. The card is cheap, IMO, so you have nothing to lose to see if it works with El Capitan. It is a dual band wifi card.

PS your post is little confusing. You mention Yosemite, but then say "tadaaaa you have El Capitan". so which is it?

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