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Stalling after bootloader.

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So I've gotten the installer to work simply with the amdfx boot flags and the install went off without a hitch. I formatted the drive correctly and all was well.

Then when I got to booting onto my drive, I got to the point in my bootloader where immediately after I do -v for verbose, (Chameleon bootloader, not sure of version.) the boot will go great and when it starts booting into Mac OS I stall on this screen. I've tried booting with USBBusFix=Yes but to no avail have I been able to boot to the desktop even once.

Normally I can troubleshoot this sort of thing myself, but being so new to Hackintosh, I think I may need some insight from some guys a bit more experienced than I am.

The guide I followed: https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/75-niresh-mavericks-109-with-amd-intel-usb-iso/

 I also used Niresh's Mavericks 10.9 installer with Chameleon bootloader and the amdfx kernel stored inside the image provided in the guide. I'm not in depth enough to know what kernel version or where it came from, I just know it worked for the installer, lol.

My current hardware is;

Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
EVGA GTX 770 reference.
8GB 1600MHz RAM.

Not sure what other info I need to provide. Feel free to ask anything. I definitely need some help and thank you guys.

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olá, pessoal tenho ium problema na instalação do Mavericks...quando falta 6 minutos para terminar a intalação do sistema, aparece a mensagem de ''Falha na instalação...entre em contato com o fornecedor do software para obter suporte... na janela de processo o erro  esta relacionado quando ele define a memória do sistema...define 90  MB pra tal programa...e depois e diz falha na instalação...por favor me ajudem... Processador AMD c-50 dual 2gb RAM HD 320 GPU ATI vision 6850 728mb...AMD64 -x -f -s 

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