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Yosemite Audio Azalia codec p55

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Sorry for my bad English. Ill do my best to explain my problem correctly.

My PC config:
Mobo: GA-P55-US3L rev.2.1 (Azalia codec [saw that option in bios] ALC892)
CPU: Intel i3 530
GPU: Gigabyte GTS250 1GI
RAM 2GB (in few days i'll buy 8GB stick.)

I've install Hackintosh Zone distro of Yosemite with custom DSDT that ive download from multibeast site. It was surprise because installation was successful, ive got working gpu, Ethernet, cpu is recognized correctly, hackintosh works pretty well but ive got problem with sound. Ill tried install different kexts and its not working. In the settings app > sound> input/output I don't have any devices :(.
Anyone can help me?

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