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HP G72 Niresh Install

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I want to start with im a total n00b when it comes to hackintosh setups, so you may need to go into detail. I knew the risks of atempting an install on a laptop, so now i am trying to get it going. I installed Niresh Maverick and everything went great. It finished install, and as it boots, the progress bar disappears and it transitions to scrambled graphics. I tried -x and graphicsenabler=on and off, no change. I have read a lot of articles regarding kexts for the intel hd graphics on the hp g72, but i dont have a clue what to do with that new found knowledge. Please assume i know nothing, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey! Glad to have you as our newest addition to Hackintosh Community. I remember the old days - I was once a noob too! Anyway, the simplest solution to your problem if it is unsupported graphics drivers is:

1: Boot using single user mode - if you are booting with chameleon, you will have to type -s, if booting with clover, you will have to press the space bar when your mac installation is highlighted, and select single user mode. If you need help any of this ask me any specific questions and I should be able to help you.


2. The screen will show a whole bunch of crazy text, none of which you most likely understand at this point, but that's fine, you don't need to yet. Eventually, the text will come to an and and you will be able to type. ype the following exactly and press enter at each new line:

mount -uw /

grafix backup all

shutdown -r now


your computer will then reboot. Try booting into mac now, see if it works. If it doesn't, please post back with your issue. If it doesn't work, make sure that before you post back here, you boot and type -v in chameleon or boot verbose in clover. Then while it's booting and showing you all he crazy text, try to snap some pictures of what it says, especially the last messages before it reboots or freezes.


Also, just fyi, this solution basically moves the accelerated graphics drivers from their default system location, preventing them from loading. Many times in hackintoshing, a freeze or glitch during the boot means problematic graphics acceleration drivers, They will load, but not work properly and freeze the screen due to patches that may be required. So basically, this solution will allow you to use your hackintosh but you will not be able to watch most videos smoothlly, will not be able to run 3D applications or games, and wil cause very minor graphics glitches here and there (if gone as expected). If you've seen posts where your graphics card is supported,You will have to seek help from other users of your same computer in order to enable support. But, until then, try  this solution.

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