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Reboots after i try to boot into installer

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Hi there !

I am need of some help at the moment , and i also have some questions.I have tried researching the answers to these questions online , but the answers seem to vary from site to site , so i am going to try and post here ! P.S i dont currently own a mac :/ , so i am not able to use unibeast or multibeast

Firstly , here are my specs :

AMD FX 6300

Zotac Nvidia Ge Force GTX 750 Ti

Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 Motherboard

If there are any other specs i need to tell you , please ask :-)

Question 1: Can running a hackintosh cause hardware damage in any way ?

Question 2:  I have burned niresh distro which has osx 10.8 on to a 4.7gb cd-r , and have attempted to boot the installer . I entered amdfx and -v as a boot flag, and it will print about a screen full of output , With the only errors being No DSDT found, ACPI Table not found, Not an Intel platform:Restart Fix Not Applied. I have attached a photo of my pc just before it restarts.

The last line of output on the screen is Legacy USB Off Done , and then it will pause for a second , and restart my pc. I dont understand what i am doing wrong here ?

Question 3: Am i able to dual boot windows and osx on my pc?

Question 4: Does anyone have links to some kexts which work with the GTX750ti , as i cannot find them anywhere :(

Question 5: What is the latest version of osx my pc supports, as I dont have a clue.


Thank you for any help people are able to provide ! , i do greatly appreciate it.


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On ‎01‎/‎01‎/‎2016‎ ‎08‎:‎00‎:‎08, K3NS4N said:

hey, rememberte this section is for Yosemite version (OSX 10.10) not Mountain Lion (10.8)

Use guide for install Yosemite:


for install use this boot flag.


if dont works try with: 

/amdfx npci=0x2000

and after install, for first boot use:


ok i managed to get it to a further stage in the boot progress of the installer. It now stops at pci configuration begin , and then restarts after 15 seconds or so. :-( thank you for your help so far by the way ! :D

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