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Problem at boot

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Hello everyone.

I start making some videos on YouTube and i would like use Mac as OS cause it has better tools for this activity.

I downloaded the yosemite-zone.dmg here, i created a usb with transmac, boot with it at computer start. 

Until there no problem,  but when i start the installation of yosemite, there is a quick, very quick flash screen of mac, and reboot.


I'm lost with it, i realy need help... i put a cpu-z report in attachment. 


If someone can help me...




Some news. I'm fucking stupid.


i tried some boot flags like

/haswell -x cpus=1 and with it, i came on Yosemite Zone screen, it load and crash.

i tried some others, and one combination worked, but i can't remember which one. (i stop install cause of lag on osx screen)


i tried things like :

/haswell -x cpus=1 nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=No

but i don't remember wich one worked ! 



EDIT 2 :


Finally, i won ! i'm on yosemite now, and i will probably need help to put a boot loader, correct these screen problems and other things :)


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