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Please help: minor USB snag!

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I installed Niresh Yosemite on an HP dc7900.  I had absolutely no problems, and the machine ran wonderfully for a week or so.

Then one day, all USB mice and keyboards stopped working.  No big deal, I just figured I mucked something up and would install from scratch.

I have tried this multiple times with zero success, and really need a working keyboard and mouse:

Boot Niresh Yosemite on DVD.  Mouse and keyboard working fine.

Go thru installation procedure.  Mouse and keyboard working fine.

System restarts.  Mouse and keyboard work fine in command line.  Made no changes to BIOS whatsoever.

Startsup and runs Mac setup screen.  No mouse and no keyboard of any brand or style will respond.

I am stuck at setup screen without working machine.

I could understand if I installed something wrong, but this machine worked 100% fine for a week!

Can *anyone* suggest what the problem might be?

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Update: rebooted in Safe Mode, and it works if not slow and weak with graphics.

Can anyone tell me the fix to get USB working again without booting in Safe Mode?

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