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Why my BIOS can't see my USB key after use TransMac ?

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Hi all of you,

I'm new and i'm trying to make my first hackintosh (I made the same with virtual box before and it's working :D)

i just folowed this video : "Youtube" to install Yosemite Zone.

All is ok, i downloaded the dmg fle from this web site (and th iso if need) and a made my bootable usb key with TransMac by doing this :

"Restore with disc image" from the dmg to my USB key. I also tryed to "Format disc for Mac" the USB key before.

All of this is ok but this is my problem : My BIOS can't see my USB key (It saw it before TransMac).

Do yo know the Problem ?


The first image describe my computer and the second is a capture of my bios boot selection.

If you wan't to make it easer to solve, i can give my Skype and when it's finish put the answer here. Thanks a lot :D




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My sata configuration is AHCI. But i don't find how to change booting from uefi.

I'm upploading a short video of my BIOS pages, hope you will be able to find whay's wrong :D

Thank a lot :D

EDIT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Don't need any upload, i find yow to boot : Just had to put "LAUNCH CMS enabled" :D

But they are an other problem. When i chose yosemite zone at boot to start the installation, i see the logo a demi second and a black screen then reboot. Will try to make it work :P 

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