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Hi, Firstly i wanna Thank You guys for all the awesome distros released before, I have been sing them since Os x 10.8 , and they worked brilliantly well.

I have decent working built and all yours distress worked flawlessly. My major work is done on photoshop and final cut pro, the other distress were doing fine. But with El Capitan's Metal feature and windows snapping it seemed like my work will improve significantly. I waited for your EC release but left with no option i started using 3rd party tools like unibeast or macpawn.... After days of testing finally i got one to work , installed the required kexts. But super flawed , I find no improvement in video editing from metal, Snapping doesn't work , neither does xtrafinder and i cannot update os also.....


So Please i request you guys to make a distro.... work has been sluggish. Need your help urgently.


Build : Core i3 2nd gen , H61 Chipset , 12 gb 1333Mhz , 1 Tb 7200 rpm , Nvidia 610 Gt synergy

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 7.16.37 PM.png

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