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AMD FX8350

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Hey guys, love the work you do. I appreciate it all.

First time poster here but I have hackintoshed a few of my computers before.

The one I am hackintoshing now is as follows...

OS: Yosemite 10.10 NIRESH (AMD & INTEL)





HDD: 300GB WD VELOCIRAPTOR 10,000RPM (Runs slow though, very old)

I attached a picture from Speccy for better details!


So where I'm at with this build is that I had a long night trying to install on my AMD build, I had to completely ditch my Quadro 2000 because it wouldn't run with it at all. Using the Radeon 4670, it work's but I have some issues that I have questions about, it may or may not be related to the GPU.

My first issue is when I installed Yosemite, I failed numerous times until I tried checking the install VMware files, using that option is the only time it worked. So now I have a VMware desktop icon that pops on and off the desktop 24/7.

Second issue is how slow the system is. I have plenty of resources and the GPU may be cheap but it works fine with Windows and Linux, I think it may lie in the HDD I installed it on is very slow speed. It was my only choice though after the install killed one of my SSDs I tried using. It seriously refused to format one of my SSDs and rendered it unaccessible from any OS (I'm getting a free replacement luckily, once I do, I plan on cloning the OS over to it instead of installing directly).

My third issue is when I leave the system idle for about 10-15 minutes, it always without a doubt freezes solid. First time it happened, I thought my mouse and keyboard just needed new batteries but nope,  it just freezes and forces manual reboot.

Last issue is that my hardware behaves a little out of the norm. On startup, the fans just work a little different and louder, and when it reboots, it sits fully shut down for about a few seconds then finally boots back up on it's own.

The second and third issue are obviously the ones I'm mostly concerned with. Any thoughts anyone? I'd appreciate any suggestions, I'll keep working on it though in the mean time though.


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