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Pardip Cima

Installation "error" when 6min remaining

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hello to all.


it's urgent. when i arrived on the conclusion of the installation (5min to finish) "Installer encountered an arror that prevented the installation. contact the software manufacturer for assistence"


i tried to reinstal sevrel time. and diffrent method, but concution is the same.


i tried it on:


Laptop   Desktop


Asus X54H   AsRock G41C-GS

i3 intel intel Pentinum dual core

ati 6470m ddr3 1gb nVidia g210 512mb


Please someone help me. i also tried it with unibest but my pc's even dont boot with it..

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Let me put it check list wise (just to be sure you did all)

1. Make bootable usb

2. CHange BIOS setting

3. Boot with this usb and format a drive as extended journal.

4. And here you get error <6 min, right?


Select a different drive this time to install Mavericks, tell result. Also can you install win/ubuntu on same partition? Always be sure with other OS that there no HDD prob. DVD may get corrupted but USB failing to do job hints for HDD prob.

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