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PCI-E 2.0 or 3.0 slot?

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I try to get an Asus Radeon HD 5450 to work with an Asrock B75 Pro3-M with a i3-2120 CPU.
The motherboard has a PCI-E 2.0 and a PCI-E 3.0 slot.
Which of these connector should I use?
PCIRoot has that something to do with this?

I've tried to get this graphics card to run under both 09/10 and 10/10
I can start at 10:10 with "GraphicsEnabler = No -x" but very slow graphics. With "GraphicsEnabler = Yes -x" locks it at boot.
In chameleon wizard can I put "Ati port" what should it be?

I have had success running OS X 10.9.5 on this motherboard with the built-in graphics cards (HD2000). It worked ok, but the graphics were very slow (I know the HD2000 is not supported).

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I have placed the graphicscard in PCIe 2.0 slot.

It work fine now. Run Yosemite 10.10.5 Thanks to Niresh

In the PCIe 3.0 slot I have at Atheros AR5B95 wifi card (It is a mini PCIe, connected by an adapter) Works fine.

Merry Christmas

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