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Yosemite Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport and chimera.

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Hi there

I've been trying to install and successfully boot mac OS X yosemite with chimera on my lenovo thinkpad x131e. i have it installed and have used multicast to install an Audio driver, set a cpu power management patch up and set the system definition according to this guide - http://www.tonymacx86.com/yosemite-laptop-support/146870-guide-native-power-management-laptops.html

this is as far as i have been able to come as it will only sometimes boot with the usb in safe mode(boot flag -x) and won't boot by itself even though i have installed Chimera

have tried this method:

Type: mount -uw /
Type: cd /System/Library/Extensions
Type: mkdir intel_back
Type: mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/
Type: touch ../Extensions

Reboot -v

specs - cpu is an intel celeron 887 with onboard graphics.

the whole system was also running quite slow whether that has something to do with it.


any help would be appreciated


*It will now boot if chimera is dotted from install usb and the boot flags are set as -v and -x

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