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Wifi problem with HP Broadcom BCM943224HMS

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Hey, I have a HP ProBook6360b which runs OS X el capitan. My problem is that wifi doesn't work. I saw this https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/1933-need-broadcom-bcm943224hms-driver/ and I tried to install Slytherin. After the installation i got a Error message. What should I do to install wifi?

(More information about my Notebook: 

HP ProBook 6360b /Clover
Intel HD Graphics 3000, 1366x768
Other Hardware
HP Broadcom BCM943224HMS )
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Not possible on laptops as far as I know. Only alternatives are:

  1. Changing the wireless card in the laptop with an Airport compatible WiFi card. There are loads of options available on tonymacx86. Check it out.
  2. Using a USB WiFi adapter. Not recommended as the speeds are crappy.
  3. Using Ethernet. Doesn't allow mobility. 

These are basically all the options you have. But then again, I'd love if someone proved me wrong. (I have the same problem...)

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