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Won't boot install Yosemite after choose in Chamelon

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Hello everyone, 

I've just buy a new laptop one week ago and I would like to install Yosemite on it. But when I boot into my usb key and after choose Yosemite Zone for install it, I have a black screen. 

So I don't know why do it this after searched long time in Google. I supossed that the generation of processor don't supported by Yosemite or not ? 

I hope that a person can help me.

My laptop (Asus R516L) configuration is :

Intel Core i3-5005u with 1Gb dedicated

Nvidia Geforce GTX 950M with 2Gb dedicated

4Gb RAM 

Regards, Feelburst.




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What flags are you using?? Sounds like a graphical issue, I believe a kext needs patched for the broadwell ig platform id of your HD 5500 graphics to work correctly. I found a guide you can follow here if you want to do that, but that shouldn't matter if your just installing OSX for the first time. I would maybe try using nv_disable=1 and GraphicsEnabler=no and -x  -v first and see what happens. 

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Thanks for your reply :)

I've just try boots args that you give but it doesn't work. I've a severals lines who see load kexts but when kexts are loaded, I going on a black screen and that's it.

I try to run it on VirtualBox but i done a fakecpuid to work. I think that I should a fakecpuid but how ? Because I haven't got a Mac for do it. 

Also, you think that I should to try "El Capitan" ? Because I saw that El Capitan supports "BroadWell Generation"

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