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Black Screen (After Apple Logo on Boot)

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I was able to install 10.9 without having to use bootflags, but when I tried to start MacOS I get a black screen after the Apple Logo.

It seems that MacOS is actually running but without any image/video output.


I tried several common bootflags like +x npci=0x3000/0x2000 IGPEnabler=Yes/No GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No

I'm using Chameleon as bootloader.

I have read about parameter injection, but I have no idea how to do that without a working MacOS.


I googled for solutions but none of those worked out.


I have an ASUS Laptop X551CA with following Specs:


Intel® Celeron® 1007U Processor / HD 2500 (also tested a configuration with Intel® Core™ i3 3217U Processor / HD 4000 and had same results)






Please help me out with possible fixes.


PS: I have found these websites and they seem to have to do something with this issue, but I dont speak chinese. Maybe someone can translate them.





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Update 1: I'm able to boot MacOS in safe mode when I boot from the starting menu of the Niresh CD/USB. (Not the Chimera Bootloader) -> Trackpad does not work anymore! (Worked during installation)


Update 2: Managed to boot into MacOS after removing the Intel kexts, but now im missing the HD 2500 Graphic Drivers.... does anyone have workings files? -> Trackpad does not work anymore! (Worked during installation)


A way to delete/move the Video-driver is btw: Boot -s and when you see the prompt "root:", then:




mount -uw /

cd /System/Library/Extensions

mkdir intel_back

mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/

touch ../Extensions



Update 3: The HD 2500 seems to be recognized by the system, but its not activated. I have no idea how to get any further now. Trackpad is working as mouse, but no gestures. No sound and no WLAN (even after installing some drivers via Multibeast)

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I intent to buy an Acer Netbook with the same CPU and GPU as yours, can you please tell me if graphic aceleration is fully working or not, cause I can't understand from your posts.


I intent to buy a Acer Aspire AO756 with a Celeron 1007U Ivy Bridge CPU and for the last three days and nights I am searching info about the Intel HD Graphics to find if it or it is not fully compatible with OS X, but with no results.


Some says that it runs a Intel HD 2500, which from what I read on other forums is compatible with ML, some says that it runs a Intel HD (just like that) and is not going to work with QE/CI.


So is QE CI working or not, cause if it's not, I'm going to look for another Netbook?


Thank you!


LE: I am going to start a new thread about this, so if moderators consider that my post should be deleted, please do it, cause I didn't find out how to do it.

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