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OS X Installer loop and scrambled background

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Mobo: ASUS M2N68-VM

Graphics: GeForce 9500 GT 512

Athlon 64 x2




 I just installed Yosemite 10.10.1 using the torrent. Now, everything went ok when installing. I rebooted, and when it boots it will stop at this blue boot menu title "System Information". This isnt my bio menu, but looks similar. I can choose "continue" to continue booting, but it just jumps back to this screen. Nothing happens at this screen and I cant choose a disk or anything to boot from. BUT: If I press "2" right after my bios boot screen, I can get a chameleon boot prompt. 

Now, once at the chameleon boot prompt, I have to enter "nv_disable=1" in-order for my system to boot. Else, it will just stop at a black screen and my monitor will turn off. I can login. BUT: Once I login it starts the Hackintoshzone  configuration ("Repairing permissions and updating caches", "Do not reboot your computer" ect) and has a scrambled background image. Then it asks if i want to fix the Apple store. I choose "Yes" and it tells me to delete the network interfaces and reboot.  It will do this on every single reboot. It does the reconfiguration on every reboot. Where should I begin to fix this? I can also boot into safe mode, if that helps. I think this might be a graphics problem because the mouse and screen are really laggy as well.


Am I only able to connect my monitor via hdmi and not dvi? 
Anyway, I haven't got to multibeast or anything yet. 

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