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HELP! :( Installing Yosemite on my lap top

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Hey guys!

so im asking for help to install OSX yosemite on my Sony Vaio Fit15e Laptop after tryng with no succes (PS: Im trying to dualboot between windows 10 and it came with windows 8 out of the box so i think its an uefi bios(?)) :( 

My laptop specs:

Intel core i5 3337u 1,8 GHz up to 2,7 with turbo boost

Intel HD Graphics 4000

Nvidia GeForce Gt740M 1 gb

6gb ddr3 dual channel 1600 ram

Realtek HD Audio (ALC233) + Intel HDMI Auido

Broadcom BCM430N (2x2 11a/b/g/n PCI-E Half Mini) + Realtek RTL8168-8111 Family PCI-E Gigabit
Emoticón tongue

if i missed anything make me know 

Cheers! :)



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Exactly my proble is the bootloader, i install and everything but at the end of the set up i get an uknown error code 0 (in the log says that it may not boot because there's no bootloader or something xD), and after restarting my lap top it boots to windows BUT if i plug the usb at the boot and select the OS X partition it does boots and everything works! :D my graphics card, wi fi and everything works! but i cant get the bootloader to work  (I use legacy instead of uefi)

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