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André Frazatto

Installation on VirtualBox

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Besides taking a REALLY long time, I'm having no problems installing Mavericks with VirtualBox, the problems start after installation.....

Sound isn't working (it never did for me in VB) and network is not being recognized even with VB in Bridge mode.


What is actually blocking any attempts to fix this issues is that my host CPU is getting 100% usage all the time. I waited for all the post installation procedures to end and even rebooted some times, tried to fix permissions with Disk Utility, but nothing makes any difference.


My machine is a AMD Athlon X2 and I tried installing with both flags (amd / amd64) and I tried updating the previous Mountain Lion installation, same behavior after all.

Can't run Multibeast either, it just runs really slow when picking options and blocks the whole system if i press build :P

I'm not changing any option on Customization.


Any ideas to attack this?

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Same here. Takes æons to install. I think it might be because the CPU is old and doesn't support all the extensions (eg AMD-V).

I've installed with amdfx kernel.


Sometimes hangs on opening the CDROM. No network. I don't need Audio, but probably I don't have it either:)


Upd. Got network working by installing AppleIntelE1000e.kext

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