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Hackintosh Freezes and Boot issues

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Hi everyone, 

I installed the Niresh Yosemite Distro on my PC and after 4 or 5 resinstallations / reconfigurations I still got the same issues. 

First of all here is my config : 

Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H

CPU : Intel Core i5-4460 3,2GHz 4cores 

Power : Corsair CS 550 Watt

SDD : SDD Samsung 850 EVO 120GB

RAM : Crucial Ballistix Tactical (16GB)

 (I use multicast as boot loader)

Boot.plist : 

    <key>Kernel Flags</key>
    <key>Legacy Logo</key>
        <key>Graphics Mode</key>


smbios.plist : 

    <string>Mac Pro</string>


My issue : 
- I have some random freeze appearing. The screens become complete frozen. 
First I though it was caused by CPU or RAM surcharge so I tried to surcharge them (cpu were 95% and ram 98% of capacity) and nothing append. First two days I don't constated any troubles. But today during I was on safari, one first freeze appeared. I restarted and 8mins later another freeze. Restared again, and mackintosh won't boot. I tried 3, 4 times to boot in verbose mode but there were no warning messages, the screen just came black and rebooting indefinitely. I tried to boot on the USB, it worked, and then I came to reboot on the SSD... And now I'm tipping here using my mackintosh and waiting the next freeze... :/ 
Could someone help me to fix my issue ? 

PS : You can find below my log file during the freeze.
PS2 : sorry for my english mistakes, I'm french !
Bye !


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