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Yosemite Asus X550LNV

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Hello , i have an Asus X550LNV and i want to install (dual boot) OSX on it.

CPU: Intel Core I5 4210U Model 5 Revision C0 Stepping 1
Cipset Intel Haswell ULT Rev 0B H8X/P8X Rev c1
Ram 8GB
GPU Intel HD 4400 Revision B and Nvidia GT840M
Screen Resolution 1366x768 px

Ps: I don't have another mac so can i make a bootable USB from Windows? I have OS X Yosemite.dmg image file. I tried to make a bootable usb with transMac Yosemite 10.10.1 ISO and OS X Yosemite.dmg but my laptop can't boot it only appears a black screen with a white line and just stays there.

Any support is welcome :)

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I've got an haswell pc too, and I've got your same graphic card.

I spent a lot of time trying to understand why Hackintosh USB didn't work.

There's no reason...

All what I did is burn a DVD-DL of the hackintosh .iso file and boot with /haswell

Now I've got my hackintosh working smoothly!

Let me know,

Good luck!

P.s. About your graphics cards: Possibly the dedicated card will not work, you must inactivate (Idk if this word exists) from the BIOS. Just

go in advanced-- Graphics mode-- UMA Only. If your dedicated graphic card will not work, you have to inactivate the Intel Virtualization Technology.

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