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Dell Inspiron Headphones low sound

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Long time lurker here. Thanks to hackintoshzone I have managed to successfully install yosemite on my dell inspiron 15 3542. 

Most of the hardware runs OOB. I have a small issue with the headphones. 

VoodooHDA is installed and sound through the external speakers works fine. Sound works through the headphones too, but in a low volume. This is the 

problem I have. If i am watching a movie, then irrespective of the player used the ambient sounds in the movie are at a higher volume drowning out the dialogues in the movie.

Ditto with music. I have tried to scout around and see if anyone else has faced this issue before me but no success. I get sound through the headphones but I absolutely cannot hear

dialogues over the surrounding ambient sounds in the movie. I am almost certain that the headphones are running in a surround mode and not stereo, but I cannot figure out where to change this setting. I have tried to set it in sound preferences, VoodooHDA loader, Audio MIDI setup but no effect.

I am a newbie when it comes to OS X, but am fairly comfortable with linux, having used debian for a greater part of a decade. I am comfortable with the command line and prefer it. 

I will be extremely grateful if anyone can help me debug the issue and get headphones working. 

Thank you

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