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acer iconia tab w500 on yosmitezone 10.10.1

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hello there

i am trying to install a mac osx on my acer iconia tab : amd c-50 cpu with hd6250 graphics , 2gb ddr3 ram and 32gb ssd , insydeh2o efi 3.5 NB bios v1.14 year 2011 , ahci enabled , no uefi option in bios

i tried your 10.10.1 distro from usb using transmac on windows 7

i cant seem to reach instalation GUI : i get stuck after pci configuration ends as showed in the image

i tried alot of boot flags :

/amd : stuck at acpi:ECDT

/amd1 and /amd2 gives black screen after kexts

/amd32 : same and sometimes get blackscreen after loading kexts

/amd64 : kernel panic :( as on picture 2

/amdfx : did not boot

i tried npci=0x2000 or 0x3000 but my problem is after the pci config part obviously

tried graphicsenabler=no

please help




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Hi there i registres for you.  This is moddified bios from Russian forum, i used it for my W501, and this is HPET off function in it, but i never try to boot hack, you will be first medical mouse for me)) sorry for my English, im from Russia) open InsydeFlash.exe with administrator privillege on windows 7 or above, or just open on xp on you acer w500. Use charge


Also there is best flash for hackintosh ive seen, only clover fake and some other kexts http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4755796

It moves to flash from windows and rdrive

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