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A Graphics Problem Has Been Detected

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I am new to Hackintosh and have completed my first build.  The build went fairly easy, but I'm running into a strange stability issue.

System Specs:

Asus G53SW ROG Laptop

Intel i7 2630QM

NVidia Graphics Card

120GB SSD (OS)

750GB SATA (Data)


My smbios.plist file if setup as Mac Pro 5,1

Boot.plist flags are (as seen from Chameleon Wizard):

Graphics Enabler

Use Kernel Cache

Ethernet Build In

HDA Enabler




I was able to install using 10.10.2 OS revision. The core components (USB,Ethernet, etc.) of the laptop work fine; for WIFI I had to use an external ASUS WIFI card.

This is probably a nob question/problem, but here goes:

Periodically, the system will freeze and then jump back to the login screen. When I log back in, it says "A Graphics problem has been detected". It will then run smoothly for a while.  The error appears randomly and  does not appear to be associated with an activity. I have searched for a fix, but the only thing I have seen that relates to this problem is to add the nvda_drv=1 to the kernel. I am not sure what this does, but it didn't fix the problem.  

Thanks for the help




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