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"The OS X installation couldn't be completed." (VMware)

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So I tried installing niresh mavericks with my own instructions I made up.

Mavericks surprisingly worked fine on 1st try.

Here's how I installed mavericks:

1. Create a new VM as "Windows 8 x64"

2. Remove hard disk and create a new SATA disk.

3.1. Set Processors to 2, and RAM to 4 gigs

3. Install regularly with /amdfx

4. Format disk with disk utility as "Mac OS (Journaled)"

5. Set up OS X

6. Done! Absolutely no problems!

Now I tried the same with yosemite, I got stuck with the /amdfx part, because typing in /amd would say "The guest operating system has turned off the CPU" or whatever and /amdfx doesn't exist.

I googled real quick, and found out something called "/amd1". I tried it, and it worked!

~20 mins later, when the installation is at "2 minutes remaining", it says "The OS X installation couldn't be completed". I tried again 3 times, the same problem is still here.

Here is a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/EZbFgto.png

Can somebody help me?

Here's the installation log (i saved the installation log, then loaded up elementary os tryout and uploaded it to dropbox): https://db.tt/swooK4uW

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thanks for no help, i tried the same with yosemite 10.10 and it worked fine first try no problems

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What worked for you? I had the same issue with the Yosemite install, but I rebooted to single user mode to get a shell, ran the postInstall script myself, and was able to boot to a Yosemite system.

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