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Help with HP Laptop, pretty complex issue (for me at least)

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cause I know there is bunch of info on the net; Still I suck at this so hard and also my case is pretty specific:

The computer is HP ProBook 450 Laptop with Intel 4000 HD Graphics; Having an UEFI support
or whatever that even means :P
Just to assure you: yes, I tried booting directly from UEFI, the motherboard won't recognize it;
Also, can't set the partition active; And for now, I think the EFI partition is gone somehow;

Disk 0
System Reserved 101MB NTFS       // Windows & BCD Handler
Untitled 350 GB  NTFS                 // this is C: of Windows
DATA     ~350 GB  NTFS              // NTFS (windows partition)
Linux Swap    200  MB                // From the last linux I had, might triple boot so I don't delete it yet
Hackintosh     105GB  HFS+        // Hackintosh containing EFI stuff

Disk 1
Sometimes appear, I think this was my disk on key but after dealing with so many variables IDK   LOL

I have a Primary Windows 8 partition;
I resized it and installed on the new partition OS X Yosemite;
Now, (to my surprise) it worked and kept both working so I just installed easyBCD like I used to do
in other computers but this one is getting tough on me.
I think it's important to note that I want my Windows 8 as it is; I don't wanna touch it; Otherwise stuff would've been probably much easier, but if it isn't neccessery and it isn't cause I already logged into the OS X using external discs and No graphics kexts enabled.
Now, apperantely I can't make the OS X partition main cause it's logical (even though when I created it it said Primary and even now when I'm in the virtual disk manager it says so...);
So I reckoned using MBR wouldn't work pretty well, and as expected it didn't work at all;
When I tried to use EasyBCD to boot to it somehow it just threw "Chain booting error";
So I tried using NeoGrub; It worked for a while but as soon as I needed to install drivers it all went to shit. So I had to reinstall Yosemite (I'm using the niresh distro but the problem is with the bootloaders rather than the distro itself, since I installed them after the installation ,seperately); 
Please, when offering some solution consider that every reinstall is very slow cause for some reason the My CD/DVD ROM is pretty damn slow; It takes over an hour to install; And about ten minutes for first boot, might be more if some kexts don't work and I have to disable some injections;
So, at last what I have now is that only the EFI works; I just make easyBCD boot using the menu called by the IntelCDClover Bootloader which is an alternative iso I found cause the default was immidiately rebooting; Then from there I boot from file;
Now I don't know what to do cause the bootloader won't update and I can't get the graphics to work;
Tried installing Chimera but I think it installed MBR; Can't get to Chameleon;
Clover is the only bootloader working, I can find on the harddisk; When trying to use NeoGrub it says: "Can't mount the selected partition"
Like all the shitiest things and problems on one computer T_T
Thanks for reading, I'd be pleased to hear from you some suggestions I'm pretty tired at this point wacko.png 

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