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Question About New OS Mavericks Install

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Hi smile.png


So this is my first time installing a Mac OS on a PC , and after a little bit of trial and error I got it up and working smile.png

Now I have a  couple questions, first off , at the moment I have my USB drive plugged in, if I unplug it Mavericks won't boot up, it gives me a little error , next , now this question might be dumb but bear with me here, since I just installed Mavericks do I still need to install drivers ? Cause I've been having this issue whenever I type or move my mouse anywhere around my screen, it does this weird flashy thingy, nothing crazy but just annoying, thanks for the help , here are some of my specs just in case


AMD Radeon HD 6450

8GB of Ram

6-Core Intel Xeon, 3.31 GHz



Can't watch YouTube videos either sad.png / This Flash effect thingy only happens when I type inside of an app 

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